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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Solution to Printing Coupons...

I have talked to many people who either do not have a printer at home to print coupons from, and/or they only have internet access at their place of employment, and are unable to install the coupon printing software on their work computer. It has been frustrating to many people, since it often seems that the best, high-value coupons are the printable coupons.

Well, I just found out that you can request for many of the Bricks coupons to be mailed to you. At the bottom of the Bricks printable coupon page, there should be a button that says "Help." Click that, and you will see a form that looks like this. Fill it out, and you should have your coupon mailed to you!


Anonymous said...

Trisha, this is the BEST news I have heard since we moved 2 months ago! Our printer lost parts in the move. I'm SO excited about this - thank you!!!

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