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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Trip to Walmart Last Night

* This post is written from my personal experience at our Iron Mountain, MI Walmart. Each Walmart may be different in how they carry out their coupon/ad matching policy.

I decided to really take Walmart at their word last night....They are really promoting their "matching any store's prices policy," and so I decided to put it to the test.

I told you here about how our Iron Mountain, MI Walmart has had "five deals" each week. These are basically the top five "price matches" from nearby stores.

They also price-match competitor coupons and ads (even from more than 50 miles away - such as Target.)

I went in super organized. I had cut out the pictures/prices of the things I wanted in the Super One, Econo and even Ebeling's in Norway, MI. (I did this for my own benefit, so I wasn't standing there flipping through the ad at the checkout.) I had also cut out the Target coupons that I wanted to use. Next, I grouped these with the manufacturers coupons that I wanted to use on the same products. The trickiest part was making sure that I put these items aside when I checked out - keeping them to the back so I could stick the ad picture/coupon on top of it.

Here are the price-match deals that I got:

$3.00/2 (Super One Ad)
- $1.00 Baby Swiss Cheez-Its (Printable Coupon Here)
= $ .50 each after coupons and price-match!

Glade Spring Collection Spray
- $1.00 (Printable Target Coupon Here)
- $1.00 (4/3 SmartSource Coupon Insert)
= $ .50 after coupon and price-match of the Target coupon!

Rice Krispy Treats, 8 count
$1.99 (Super One Ad)
- $1.00/2 (Coupon from Rice Krispy Treats box)
= $1.49 each after coupon and price-match!

Folgers Coffee, 33.9 oz.
$6.99 (Normally $9.68 - one of the "five deals" of the week)
- $2.00 (Printable Coupon - no longer available)
= $4.99 after coupon and price-match!

Fisher Boy Fish Sticks, 48 count
$1.99 (Econo Ad)
- $ .75 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $1.24 each after coupon and price-match!

Romaine Lettuce
$1.00 each (Super One Ad)

$1.00, 16 oz. bag (Super One Ad)

Fresh Green Beans
$1.00/lb. (Super One Ad)

Zucchini Squash
$1.00/lb. (Super One Ad)

Whole Mushrooms, 8 oz.
$ .98 (Ebeling's Ad)

Here are a few other deals that were not price-matches:

Minute Maid Orange Juice
- $1.00 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $1.88 each after coupon!

Kraft Touch of Philadelphia Shredded Cheese
- $1.00 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $1.00 each after coupon!

Malt O Meal Bag Frosted Mini Wheat Cereal
- $1.00/2 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $1.74 each after coupon!

Gold Bond Ultimate Body Wash Sample and Coupon

Walmart is giving away FREE samples of Gold Bond Ultimate Body Wash here. You can also print a $1.00 Off Gold Bond Body Wash coupon.

Toy Printable Coupons = Great Time to Buy Gifts!

 I have been posting a lot recently about all of the great printable toy coupons that are available right is another great deal. The $5.00 Off Any Easy Bake Kit Product coupon also works on the Easy Bake refills...that should make them FREE or almost free!
Also, the Strawberry Shortcake in a Purse coupon makes it a great price at Walmart and Target! Both stores have it priced for around $6.50...just $3.50 after the $3.00 off coupon!

$1.00 Off Blue Bunny Ice Cream

I just logged in to the Blue Bunny I-Scream Team page, and was able to print a coupon for $1.00 Off Any Blue Bunny Novelty Ice Cream!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Walmart "Updates" (Iron Mountain, MI)

Wow! Walmart is really making an effort to be more "coupon/deal friendly." At least our Iron Mountain, MI Walmart is...

I have told you before about how they have been price-matching competitor coupons (not just those within a 50 mile radius either), plus letting me use a manufacturers coupon with that.

Well, have you heard about the "top five deals for the week?" My friend, Diane, called me this morning to tell me about it, and of course I had to call Walmart right away to get the scoop.

When the person answered the phone, they said, "Thank you for calling Walmart, where we match all of our competitor store ads. How can I help you?!"

I asked her what these new "five deals" were that people had been telling me about, and she said that basically they pick the "top five" deals at competitor stores and automatically give you those deals without you having to bring in/tell them about a competitor ad. (Supposedly the cashier is supposed to ring these up without you telling them, but you probably want to keep a close eye on it in case they forget.) This explains why the milk has been cheaper at Walmart lately - have you noticed that?!

Here are the "top five" deals that Walmart (Iron Mountain, MI) is automatically offering this week:

- Gallon Milk - $2.50
- Dozen Large Eggs - $1.00
- Any Brand 2 Liter Soda - $ .88
- Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 12 pack double rolls - $4.99
- Folgers Coffee (Not Colombian) 35 oz. - $6.99
* Now don't forget, you can also use a manufacturers coupon on top of these deals...

I have also heard that you do not have to bring in the actual ad just have to tell them the price, and they will match it...This one seems kind of weird to me...I think I will still bring in the ad just to be safe!

Also, my friend Julie was in there on Wednesday night with a "FREE product coupon." The lady told her that they now have to give you the "maximum value" of your FREE product coupon even if the item that you are buying is under that amount! For example, if the FREE product coupon says that the maximum value of your FREE item is $5.00 and the item you are getting is only $4.00, they will still take $5.00 off of your bill! I haven't tried this one yet, but you can be sure I will!

Come back here and let me know what you think about these new changes...

$5.00 Off Barbie Fairy Secret

Go here to print a coupon for $5.00 Off Barbie: A Fairy Secret.

* This is priced at around $14.99 at Walmart.

$2.00 Off Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza

Go to their Facebook page here to print a coupon for $2.00 Off Any Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza.

Bath & Body Works: FREE 2 oz. Lotion (No Purchase Necessary!)

If you are headed to the mall this weekend, you might as well pick up a FREE 2 oz. lotion from Bath & Body Works!

Go here to print a coupon for a FREE Into the Wild 2 oz. preview size lotion. (Expires 4/16)

Shutterfly: Personalized Mother's Day Card Just $ .99!

Shutterfly is offering a FREE 5x7 Mother's Day Photo Card right now (You just pay shipping of $ .99!). Even better, you can send it straight to your family member (saving postage).

Under "Enter Special Offer Code," type "MOMCARD." Then, when you create your card, your promo offer should automatically give you your discount at checkout. This offer expires 4/28.

Macy's Printable: Today and Tomorrow Only!

Macy's has a great coupon for today and tomorrow (April 15 and 16) from opening until 1:00pm:

Save $10.00 Off a $25.00 Purchase

Request $10.00 in Coupons from Febreze!

Right now on the Febreze website, you can request $10.00 worth of coupons from brands such as Bounce, Tide, Dreft and more...These are not printable...they will come in 4-6 weeks via "snail mail."

FREE Fries at Arby's: Today Only!

Print this coupon for a FREE Arby's Curly Fries today only (4/15).

* Has anyone else run into problems trying to use coupons at our Iron Mountain, MI Arby's? I have always used them with no problems until Wednesday night...she said, "We don't usually take these, but I will take them this time." Then, she told me I could only use one coupon (not two). Strange since we have often used Arby's coupons at that Arby's!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This Sunday's Paper: $3.00 Off Nivea Body Wash

There is going to be a high-value $3.00 Off Nivea for Men Body Wash coupon in this Sunday's paper. Some areas of the country are also going to have a $3.00 Off Nivea for Women Body Wash coupon.

Most Walmart stores have this priced at $ FREE body wash!

* It has been a long time since I ordered coupons on ebay, but I just ordered 10 of these. I paid $3.00, so hopefully, I will be paying $3.00 for the coupons (like paying for one bottle), but getting 10 bottles of body wash!

$ .55 Off International Delight Creamer

Go here to print a coupon for $ .55 Off International Delight Breve Creme creamer.

Sneak Peek at This Sunday's Coupons...

It looks like there will be FOUR inserts this Sunday...two SmartSource inserts and two Red Plum inserts! This should be a great weekend to purchase a paper! Make sure to check the paper before you buy, and pick a different city's paper if you need to...the amount of inserts and even the value of the $-off coupons will vary by paper!

Go here to see a complete list of the coupons that will be in this Sunday's paper.

Here are a few of my favorites:

- $ .75 Off Finish Powerball or Gelpac

- $1.00 Off Finish Quantum
- $1.00 Off Select Kraft or Cracker Barrel Products
- $1.50 Off Huggies Diapers

- $2.00 Off Huggies Little Movers/Snugglers
- $2.00 Off Huggies Little Swimmers
- $1.00 Off 2 Spice Island Product

- $1.50 Off Starbucks Bagged Coffee
- $1.00 Off Aquafresh Kids Toothbrush

- $1.00 Off Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste
- $1.50 Off Dunkin' Donuts Coffee
- $3.00 Off Nivea for Men Body Wash
- $1.00 Off Scotties Facial Tissues - this one is a week too late...they are on sale at Super One THIS week for $1.00!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

$1.00 Off Ball Park Hot Dogs

What a great coupon printing day this has turned out to be...

Go here and "like" Ball Park on their Facebook page to have access to a $1.00 Off Ball Park Hot Dogs printable coupon.

More Cheap Cheese at Walmart!

It is going to be a sad day when all of these great cheese coupons stop coming...I am really getting used to getting cheese so cheap!

There is another $1.00 Off Kraft Touch of Philadelphia cheese printable coupon available on the Kraft Facebook page here. Don't forget you can print it will make for a great deal at Walmart:

Kraft Touch of Philadelphia Shredded Cheese
- $1.00 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $1.00 each after coupon!

Walgreens: Another FREE Easter Candy Deal

Need more free easter candy? Here is another great deal at Walgreens:

Starburst Jelly Bean Eggs
$ .75 - Buy 2
- $ .50/2 (Printable Coupon Here)
- $1.00/2 (Walgreens April Coupon Book)
= FREE after coupons!

Gerber Graduates Coupon

There is a new "limited" coupon available on the Gerber Facebook page right now:

Get $ .65 Off 2 Gerber Graduates Fruit and Veggie Pick-Ups

Two More Walmart Deals

Here are two new deals/coupons for Walmart:

Air Wick Warmer Unit, 1 count
$ .94
- $1.00 (Printable Coupon Here)
= FREE + "you earn" $ .06 after coupon!

Spic and Span Everyday Antibacterial Cleaner
$ .97
- $1.00/2 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $ .47 each when you buy two after coupons!

Hasbro Toy Coupons - Printable!

Did you miss getting all of the great toy coupons in the paper this past weekend? Well, now they are all available to print online! Here are the toy coupons that you can print:
- $3 off the purchase of one Bop-It!, Bop It Bounce, or Cuponk Game
- $3 off any Iron Man 2 Toy from Hasbro
- $5 off one Iron Man Armor Chargers
- $5 off one Rocket Boost Iron Man
- $5 off one Iron Man Battle Vehicles
- $5 off one Iron Man Helmet Toy
- $5 off the purchase of one Thor Electronic Figure from Hasbro
- $5 off the purchase of one Repulsor Power Iron man
- $5 off the purchase of one Wisecracking Spider-man figure
- $2 off the purchase of any one Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders Board Game
- $3 off the purchase of one Twister Hoopla, Monopoly, Build or Sorry! Spin game
- $4 off the purchase of one Electronic Scrabble Flash or Monopoly Electronic Banking game
- $2 off the purchase of one Ratuki Card Game
- $5 off the purchase of one Easy-Bake Microwave and Style Kit
- $3 off the purchase of one Baby Alive Slash ‘n Giggles or Sips and Cuddles
- $2 off the purchase of anySnuggimals or Furry Frenzies Deluxe Pets when you buy any Peeps Chocolate Product
- $3 off the purchse of any one Play-Doh 24-pack or one Play-Doh Sesame Street Cookie Monster Playset
- $5 off one My Little pony: Princess Celestia or one My Little Pony Twinkling Balloon Playset
- $5 off any Chuck and Friends Crazy Crane Stunt Set or Tumble Tower
- $5 off your total Chuck and Friends Toy Purchase of $25 or more
- $5 off your total Weeblea purchase of $20 or more
- $5 off any one Playskool Busy Ball Bopper Toy
- $5 off one Playskool Sit-N-Spin Toy
- $2 off the purchase of one Classic Mr. Potato Head Toy
- $2 off the purchase of one Weebless figure 2-pack
- $5 off one Playskool Step Start Walk Walk N Ride
- $5 off one Thor Lightning Hammer from Hasbro
- $5 off one Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters
- $2 off any Star Wars purchase of $10 or more
- $5 off your choice of either one Bylthe Doll with Pet or Bylthe Scooter
- $5 off one Alphie Toy
- $5 off any one Neft-N-Strike Blaster valued at $19.99
- $3 off any one Strawberry Shortcake mini doll in Purse Twirling Flowers Fashion Doll or story in a box
- $5 off one RC Walking Iron Man from Hasbro
- $3 off the purchase of any one EleFun or Gator Golf game
- $3 off the purchase of one Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes game
- $5 off one Iron Man Battle Vehicles

$1.00 Off Cheez-Its Baby Swiss + Super One Deal!

There is a great deal at Super One Foods this week for Cheez-It crackers:

Sunshine Cheez-It Crackers
$3.00/2 (With In-Ad Coupon)
- $1.00/2 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $1.00 each after coupons!
Well, a new coupon is now available for $1.00 Off Cheez-It Baby Swiss Crackers. If that type of Cheez-Its are included in this deal, then we can get them for $ .50 each!!
Sunshine Cheez-It Crackers
$3.00/2 (With In-Ad Coupon)
- $1.00 Cheez-It Baby Swiss (Printable Coupon Here) - Use Two!
= $ .50 each when you buy two after coupons!

Rice Dream Coupons

Right now, you can print two $1.00 Off 2 Rice Dream, Soy Dream or Almond Dream non-dairy beverages or frozen desserts.

Arby's: FREE Curly Fries Coupon Coming!

Just saw the following on Facebook:

"To kickoff Tax Weekend, we're giving away FREE Value Curly Fries on Friday, April 15th!

To get your FREE Value Curly Fries, all you need to do is visit the Arby's Facebook Page later this week to print your coupon.

Please note that RSVP-ing to this Facebook event does not guarantee your participation in Free FryDay at Arby's. To receive your free value curly fry, you will need to print off the coupon and bring it with you to a participating Arby's Restaurant."

Walmart: Operation Game for Just $2.00 (Plus, a FREE Pizza!!)

There many reports online that the Toy Story 3 Operation game is marked down to just $5.00 at Walmart (some people have even said that it was not marked that way, but rang up that way.). Use the $3.00 off coupon from this past weekend's coupon insert to get these for just $2.00!

Toy Story 3 Operation
- $3.00 (4/10 PlaySaver Coupon Insert)
= $2.00 each after coupon!

The Candy Land game is also a good deal at Walmart:

Candy Land
- $2.00 (4/3 SmartSource Coupon Insert)
= $3.00 each after coupon!

* There is also a rebate form available here for a FREE Tombstone pizza with the purchase of any Hasbro game.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aquafresh Training Toothpaste: $ .24 at Walgreens

There is a great deal on Aquafresh Flouride-Free Training Toothpaste at Walgreens right now:

Aquafresh Training Toothpaste
- $ .75 (Printable Coupon Here) - Scroll down to see this coupon.
- $1.00 (Walgreens April Coupon Book)
= $ .24 each after coupons!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Super One Weekly Deals

It is just too hard most weekends to get the Super One deals and coupon match-ups on the blog before Monday...sorry it is a little late! Make sure to check out the deals...they are pretty good this week!

Here are some of the coupon match-ups and deals for this week at Super One Foods (Iron Mountain, MI). Make sure to check out the weekly ad here to see all of the other deals.

This is my favorite deal of the week:

Buy 6 Participating General Mills Products, Receive $3.00 Off (In-Ad Coupon)
Betty Crocker Cake Mix - Buy 3 @ $1.25
Betty Crocker Frosting - Buy 3 @ $1.65
- $ .75 Off Betty Crocker Frosting and Betty Crocker Cake Mix - Use three coupons!
= $ .56 each when you buy 6 after coupons and sale!

Head Lettuce
$1.00 (With In-Ad Coupon)

Powdered Sugar or Brown Sugar, 2 lb.
$1.00 (With In-Ad Coupon)

Kraft Barbecue Sauce, 18 oz.
$1.00 (With In-Ad Coupon)

Super One White Bread, 24 oz.
$1.00 (With In-Ad Coupon)

Vlasic Homestyle Relish, 9 oz.
$1.00 (With In-Ad Coupon)
- $ .55 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $ .45 each after coupons!

Sunshine Cheez-It Crackers
$3.00/2 (With In-Ad Coupon)
- $1.00/2 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $1.00 each after coupons!

Kemp's Heavy Whipping Cream, 1/2 pint
$1.00 (With In-Ad Coupon)

Arm & Hammer or Arrid Deodorant
$1.00 (With In-Ad Coupon)

Pink Lady Apples

Mini Carrots, 1 lb.

Totinos Pizza Rolls or Pizzas
- $ .75/2 Pizzas (1/30 SmartSource Coupon Insert)
- $ .35 Rolls (1/30 SmartSource Coupon Insert)
...and many more coupons!
= As low as $ .62 each after coupons!

Red Leaf, Green Leaf and Romaine Lettuce
$1.00 each

Fresh Green Beans

Green Giant Vegetables, 7-10 oz.
$1.00 each
- $ .50/2 (All You magazine)
= $ .75 each after coupon!

Old Orchard Apple Juice, Frozen Concentrate
- Buy One, Get One FREE (Printable Coupon - no longer available)
= $ .50 each when you buy two after coupon!

Tony's Crispy Crust Pizzas
- $1.00/2 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $ .50 each after coupon!

Canned Pumpkin, 15 oz.

Soft Soap Hand Soap
- $ .35 (3/27 SmartSource Coupon Insert)
= $ .65 each after coupon!

Boneless Pork Sirloin Roast

$1.00 each

Yellow Onions, 2 lb. bag

Yellow Squash or Zucchini Squash

Red Potatoes


K Mart: 50% Off Clearance Toys Going on Right Now!

It's baaaacckk!!! My favorite sale of the year...K Mart has all of their Clearance Toys on sale for an extra 50% off of the clearance prices!

They seem to do this several times a year, and this is when I stock up on birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, baby shower gifts, etc. It is so much better for me to buy nice birthday party gifts now for $4.00 each, rather then running out when we get a party invitation and spending $10.00 on a "okay" gift.

I got a total of 16 toys for $75.00! Included in these toys were Trio Building sets, Lego Toy Story sets and Barbie furniture! My best deal is with the Iron Man 2 toys and the coupons that were in the paper this weekend:

Iron Man 2 Toys
- $3.00 (4/10 Coupon Insert)
= $2.00 each after coupon and 50% off sale!

* Our Iron Mountain, MI Walmart had one long aisle of Clearance toys, but they also had some mixed throughout the other aisles...just look for the yellow price stickers!

$3.00 Off Schick Hydro Razor and $1.00 Off Shick Hydro Shave Gel

The Schick Facebook page has two new coupons available. Click on the "Have a Blast" tab, and click on "Get Coupons." (At this point, if you are taken to just a white screen, you may have to hit refresh until the coupon request page shows up...this is what worked for me.) You can then click on a coupon for $3.00 Off Schick Hydro 5 or 3 Razors and $1.00 Off Schick Hydro Shave Gel.

Here is a deal for the razors at Walgreens this week:

Schick Hydro Razors
$8.99/2 (On Sale for Buy One, Get One FREE!)
- $3.00 (Printable Coupon Here) - Use two!
= $1.50 each after coupons and sale when you buy two!

$1.00 Character Band-Aids at Walgreens This Month!

I usually feel a twinge of guilt when I pass up the cute Barbie band-aids that I know my girls would love for the cheap $ .99 off-brand band-aids! Now, I can feel like a "good mom" - at least in the band-aid department!!:)

Go here to print a coupon for $2.00 Off 2 Band-Aid Products.

This deal is going on at Walgreens all month:

Character Band-Aids
- $2.00/2 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $ .99 each when you buy two after coupon!

$ .50/2 Carnation Evaporated Milk Coupon

There is a new coupon for $ .50 Off 2 Carnation Evaporated Milk. Use it at Walmart for the following deal:

Carnation Evaporated Milk
$ .96
- $ .50/2 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $ .71 each when you buy two after coupon!

$5.00 Off Pedigree Dog Food!

There is a $5.00 Off Pedigree Dog Food coupon available at this link. Just sign-up and they will mail you your coupon.

* Even though it says "Kroger" on the ad, it is a manufacturers coupon, so you should be able to use it anywhere.

$1.00 Off Terra Chips

Have you ever tried these? I LOVE them!!

Right now you can print a coupon for $1.00 Off Terra Chips.

$1.00 Off 2 Coke Products (20 oz.)

This is a great coupon!! Go here to print a coupon for $1.00 Off 2 Coke Products, 20 oz.