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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Be Back Monday...

I will be taking a little break from blogging for the next few days. I am going to a Ladies' Retreat, and I am looking forward to a little change of pace...and hopefully a little R&R.

I also have another opportunity to teach a coupon workshop, so I am excited to do that as well!

Feel free to leave comments on this post with any amazing deals you come across that other readers can benefit from during my hiatus!

$2.00 Off Wheat Thins

If you're a member of Kraft First Taste, log-in now and click on "My Offers." I just found a $2.00 off Wheat Thins coupon.

*Some people are reporting not finding this, but I did and was able to print two!

Questions From Readers

It seems I have a lot of e-mails lately about the same two topics, so I thought I would do my best to answer them:

Q: What is the best way to earn Swag Bucks?

For those of you who don't know what Swag Bucks are, let me explain: Swagbucks is a site that you can search the internet with, getting results from Google and You then earn "bucks" randomly for searching which you can exchange for products, gift cards and more.

Obviously, the most common way to earn Swag Bucks is by doing your internet searches from their home page or by using their tool bar that is easily downloaded. I even like to type in things like "Facebook" when I am going to the Facebook page. It is one extra step (since I already know the web address), but often I can earn a Swag Buck through just linking to the site through the Swag Bucks site.

Also, Fridays are Mega Swag Bucks days - meaning that instead of the normal 1-3 Swag Bucks you earn for searches, you can win 5, 10, or more for searches.

Another great way to earn Swag Bucks is through getting people to sign-up under you. Tell your family and friends about it, and if they sign-up under you, you will get a Swag Buck for every Swag Buck they earn!

There are other ways to earn Swag Bucks such as doing your internet shopping through their site and trading in your old electronic devices, and you can read more about those things by clicking on "Ways to Earn" on the main page in the top left corner.

Periodically, Swag Bucks will also offer "Swag Hunts" in which they will give you clues and you have to search around the site for special codes that will give you "Swag Bucks." They will also sometimes send me e-mails with a code for Swag Bucks in it. The best way to keep up on these "extra options" is to check their Facebook fan page and their blog every once in awhile.

Hopefully, that helps some of you out. I figured with the amount of e-mails and questions I have received about this, that there were probably more people who were uncertain as well. Maybe if you haven't joined yet, this will encourage you to sign-up. It is really not complicated! I have earned about $100 in Master Cards now and $50 in Starbucks cards - all by doing the things I just described above! What do you have to lose?!

Q: What are the "rules" for getting/using Register Rewards at Walgreens?

First of all, for those of you not familiar with shopping at Walgreens, they have a program called Register Rewards. A Register Reward is a coupon that prints after you make a qualifying purchase. It is typically good for a certain dollar amount off of your next transaction. When you buy the advertised item, after paying, you will receive a coupon (Register Reward) to use on your next purchase.

True North Nut Crisps or Clusters
Buy 1, Earn a $3 Register Reward
- $1.00 Printable Coupon
= Pay $2.00 Out of Pocket, and receive the $3.00 Register Reward!

I have had several readers who have been confused about all the "confusing" fine print regarding earning and using the Register Rewards, so let me give you a few of the "rules:"

- If you buy two (or more) DIFFERENT register reward items in one transaction, one reward will print for each different product that you have. However, if you buy two of the SAME item, only one Register Reward will print. For example, if Softsoap is giving a $2.00 Register Reward for buying one of their products, and you purchase two of the qualifying Softsoap products in one transaction, only ONE $2.00 Register Reward will print. You would have to purchase the two Softsoap products in two separate transactions in order to receive 2 - $2.00 Register Rewards.

- You can not (usually) use the Register Reward that you received from one item to buy the same item, getting more Register Rewards for that same item. This is known as “rolling” Register Rewards and usually can not be done, if you want another Register Reward to print. For example, if you used the $2.00 Register Rewards that you just got from buying a Softsoap item to purchase another Softsoap item, you will most likely not receive another $2.00 Register Rewards for the Softsoap item you just purchased. The best way to get around this, and keep your out of pocket expense low, is to find 2 different products that trigger the same value Register Reward and alternate buying those items in separate transactions, paying for the 2nd transaction with the first Register Reward, and so forth.

- You can use a manufacturers coupon and an in-ad/store coupon on one item. However, Register Rewards are considered manufacturers coupons, so you can not use a Register Reward and a manufacturers coupon when purchasing one item. Their registers only allow one coupon per item. For example, if you are buying a pack of diapers, and are wanting to use a $1.00 off manufacturers coupon and a $5.00 Register Reward, just make sure you have another item that you are purchasing (even if it is just a $ .10 pencil!)

- Always read the fine print...much frustration can be avoided with Walgreens shopping if you read the exact item description for the item that they are advertising a sale for. If it says 20-count, make sure you don't pick up the similar looking 15-count by mistake...

- Finally, if you're sure that you were supposed to receive Register Rewards, and they don't print, you can always call the Catalina company at 1-888-8coupon (the company the puts out the Register Rewards). I called them once, and they were super helpful. It turned out that one of the items I purchased should have printed a Register Reward (so they mailed me that one), and the other one was the wrong product (I could have avoided that mistake by reading the "fine print.")

My advice for anyone who is not a "Walgreens-pro" yet, is to start simply. Start with just purchasing one Register Reward item (such as a shampoo that is $3.00 and you receive $3.00 Register Rewards for buying it). Better yet, add a $1.00 off manufacturers coupon for that item. Now that you have a $3.00 Register Reward, try finding another Register Reward deal that you could put that one towards (for example, a razor that is $7.00 and you receive a $5.00 Register Reward for it). Start small, and you will get the hang of it. And, when you're feeling braver, and you decide to make your transactions a little "more complicated," always write everything out on paper first, and take it with you to the store. Then, when it rings up, you will be able to see if something is wrong on the receipt right away!

One more thing, never be too embarassed to return something if it turns out to be more expensive then you originally thought. Never let your pride interfere with saving money!!:)

If you still have questions about this or another topic, just e-mail me (my e-mail is listed under my profile - right column), and I will be glad to help you!

$5.00 Off Clorox Toilet Wand

Clorox is offering a coupon for $5.00 off of a Clorox Toilet Wand. These run for around $10.00 at our Walmart, so you'll be getting it for around 50% off! Or, you could save it to see if any drug stores will offer a deal with these in the near future!

FREE Movie Download

Blue Behemoth is offering a FREE download of this movie, The League of Grateful Sons. It is a movie about World War II. I haven't seen it, but have heard great things about it!

Just enter 1STBIRTHDAY in the coupon code field to download this great movie absolutely FREE! (Expires 10/20/09)

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Amazing 7Eleven Coupon!!

This sounds like a great coupon for anyone who has a 7-Eleven nearby:

Go here for a coupon for a FREE 12 oz. coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate or hot tea. (The best part is the coupon says that it can be used once per day per customer!) Expires 10/31.

*Apparently, some people are having difficulty opening this pdf file. Some have said that when they saved it to their computer and printed it from there, it did fine.

Jack in the Box Gift Card Deal

Jack in the Box is offering a great deal to American Express cardholders right now:

Buy one $20.00 Jack Cash card, get one FREE when you use your American Express card.

Get more details here.

Shutterfly Deal: FREE 8x8 Book

Shutterfly is offering a FREE 8x8 hard cover photo book (value of $29.99) for FREE right now. You do need to pay S&H, but that is only $7.99. To get this freebie, you must install the Family Tree application on Facebook (you don't have to do anything with it). Then just click this link for your coupon code. (Expires 11/15)

*We did these last year for Christmas presents for our parents, and they were huge hits! Shutterfly is also really great about fixing any mistakes. Last year, there was a small scratch on the cover of one of the books, and they sent us a completely new one absolutely free! I have been very impressed with their customer service!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Easy Way to Earn More ECBs at CVS

For those of you who have a CVS near you, this is a great deal:

CVS is selling "Green Bag Tags" for just $ .99. Put one of these on a reusable shopping bag, and have it scanned each time you shop at CVS. You will earn $1.00 in ECBs for every four times you scan it.

Here are the details listed on the card:
"To earn Extra Bucks for a transaction in store, your Extra Care card, Green Bag Tag, and reusable bag must be presented w/ purchase at checkout. Limit of one Green Bag Tag use/scan per day per household. Every 4th purchase your ECBs will print at the bottom of your cash register receipt as a $1 coupon good for your next purchase. Extra Bucks can be used until the expiration date shown on the coupon…"

Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!

Printable Cheese Coupon!

This is a great coupon:

Get $1.00 off 2 Kraft or Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese (6 oz. or larger) here.
Thanks, Abundant Food Savings!

*At our Walmart, the Kraft shredded cheese has been cheaper by pennies than the Walmart shredded cheese, so this will make a GREAT deal!

Preview of November All You Magazine!

Here is a list of all the coupons you can expect in the November 2009 issue of All You (This is such a great source of coupons!):

$1/1 9Lives Dry Cat Food (3.15-lb.+)
$1/3 9Lives Wet Cat Food (4-pks.)
$1/1 Accent Flavor Enhancer Product
$1/1 Alexia Crunchy Snacks
$0.50/1 Bridgford Frozen Monkey Bread
$0.50/1 Bridgford Meat Snack
$2/1 Butterball Turkey wyb any (5) Stovetop STuffing and/or Heinz Homestyle Gravy (12-oz.)
$1/1 Colgate Total Enamel Strength Toothpaste
$0.55/1 Comstock or Wilderness Pie Filling
$2/2 Crystal Light Drink Mix Products
$1.50/1 Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion or Hand Cream (excluding Energy Glow & trial size)
$1/1 Essence Magazine
$0.75/1 French’s French Fried Onions (6-oz.)
$0.50/1 General Foods International Package
$1/1 Health Magazine
$2/1 Infusium 23 Product
$1/1 InStyle Magazine
$0.75/1 Kleenex Bundle Pack Tissue
BOGO LaCross Beauty Tool Product (up to $7)
$1/1 Marzetti Veggie Dip (11-oz.+)
$1/1 Milk-Bone Essentials Plus Biscuits or Chewy Treats
$2/1 Milk-Bone Essentials Plus Long Lasting Chew
$0.50/1 New York Frozen Product
$1/1 Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough
$3/1 Neutrogena Cosmetic Product
Buy any N.Y.C. Eyeliner Get any N.Y.C. Product of Equal or Lesser Value Free
$1/1 Ortho Home Defense Kill & Contain Mouse Trap (1 or 2-pk.)
$1.50/1 Pedialyte Brand Product
$1/1 People Magazine
$1/1 People Style Watch Magazine
$2/1 POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice (48-oz.)
$2/1 Rimmel Mascara
$0.55/1 Sargento Natural Shredded Cheese (5-oz.+)
$1/1 Seattle’s Best Coffee
$1/1 Smart Balance Sour Cream & Omega-3s, Vitamins D & E
$2/1 Snickers Game Ball or any Carvel Ice Cream Cake
$1/1 Stouffer’s Easy Express Family Size Meal or Skillet
$1/1 Southern Living Magazine
$1/1 Vanity Fair Plates or Bowls
$1/1 Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion (6.8-oz.)
$1/1 Viva Towels Pack
$1/2 Weight Watchers Yogurt (32-oz.)
$2/1 Wow! Cleaning System for Wood and Laminate Floors

Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom for this great list!

Expired Ziploc Coupons

If your are receiving the FREE subscription to Taste of Home that I told you about awhile ago, then you need to check your October/November 2009 issue:

I always scan my magazines for coupons, and when I did, I saw that they coupons they had for Ziploc expired 8 months ago!! I went to the SC Johnson website, and e-mailed them about the misprint. I received a prompt reply letting me know that they were sorry for the misprint, and that only a small amount of the magazines had the misprint. They said that they wrong coupons should still work (since they had the correct barcode), but that they would go ahead and send me some new coupons as well!

Hooray! Double the coupons! It almost always pays to e-mail companies...great customer service from the folks at SC Johnson!

Rite Aid: Pampers Diapers Deal!

For those of you Rite Aid shoppers, here are links to two great deals for you:

A Frugal Chick has the scoop on how to really save on Pampers diapers at Rite Aid right now!

Couponers United has a coupon for a $25.00 gift card with any transferred prescription to Rite Aid! I'm telling you, these transferred prescription coupons are such a great way to save money!!

Some Great Baby/Kids' Clothing Printables!

Here are a few great printables for children/baby clothes:
Get 20% off your purchase. (Expires 10/13 - today!)

Children’s Place
Get 20% off your purchase. (Expires 11/1)

Save 15% off your purchase by signing up on their e-mail list.

Crazy 8
Get 20% off your purchase. (Expires 10/24)

$2.50 off 2 Gerber Onesies
$2.00 off 2 Gerber Blanket Sleepers or Pajamas
$1.00 off Gerber Sleep 'N Play
(I have often found great deals combining these Gerber coupons with the clearance section at my Walmart.)

Thanks, Coupon Cravings!

More Toy Coupons!

Go here for these great new coupons from Leapfrog:

$3.00 off Tag Book
$4.00 off Leapster Learning Game
$5.00 off Didj Custom Learning Game
$2.00 off Tag Junior Book
$3.00 off Click Start Game
$3.00 off Leap Frog Learning Toy

Playskool has these great coupons here:

$5.00 off Playskool DinoRoars Hatchlings
$10.00 off DinoRoars Stompers
$2.00 off Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head
$5.00 off Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase
$10.00 off Playskool Dance Cam
$5.00 off Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds
$10.00 off Playskool Musical Sit N Spin
$5.00 off Playskool Activity Ball
$5.00 off Playskool Busy Ball Popper
$3.00 off Playskool Gloworm
$5.00 off Playskool Step Start Walk’nRide
$5.00 off Playskool Swing N Score Baseball
$5.00 off Playskool Tumble N Twirl Top
$5.00 off a $20.00 Purchase of My Little Pony

Free Sample of Little Duck Organic Snacks

Go here to request a FREE sample of Little Duck Organic Snacks for toddlers. You can choose from three flavors. These are a new product that are supposed to be hitting the stores soon.
Thanks, Coupon Geek!

$10.00 Off a Honeybaked Ham

Just in time for the Holidays, sign up with Honeybaked Ham here, and they will send you a coupon for $10.00 off a Honeybaked Ham! I love these!!!
Thanks, Living Rich with Coupons!

Another Freebie from Quik Trip!

It's back! If you live near a QuikTrip, you are going to love this: they have reset the coupon for a FREE sandwich, wrap, or salad AGAIN!

Go here to print this great coupon. (Expires 10/21/09)

*By the way, this coupon may only show up for certain zip codes. Try going to "local coupons" in the sidebar.

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Monday, October 12, 2009

How to Get a FREE Ticket to Disney World in 2010!

Love this! Check out Disney's new program for 2010:

- Beginning, January 1, 2010 you can search and sign up for a volunteer opportunity from a participating organization.
- Complete your service from the organization you selected.
- Receive a voucher to redeem your Disney Theme Park ticket!

For more information, check out Disney's website here.
*This offer will be available until December 15, 2010 or until one million tickets are given out.

Thanks, Mommy Snacks!

FREE or Almost Free Gum!

Grab this new coupon for $1.00 off 2 Packs of Trident Layers Gum. Then, head to Walgreens for some FREE gum:

Trident Layers Gum
$1.00 (Buy Two)
- $1.00/2 (Printable Coupon Here)
- $1.00 (Register Rewards)
= FREE after coupon and Register Rewards!

Free Sample of Dry Erase Paint

How cool! I knew there was "chalkboard paint," but I had never heard of this...paint that makes a dry erase surface! And, they are offering a FREE sample here!

Thanks, Swaggrabber!

Did You Receive Your Secret From Vocalpoint?

Okay, so if you are a member of Vocalpoint* (I really hope you are by now!), then you should have/should be receiving your FREE Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant. I received mine this weekend.

My reason for this post, is this: At first, I was surprised/disappointed that there appeared to be no coupons with this freebie. However, my husband started playing with the box, and when he pulled it apart, there were quite a few $2.00 off coupons inside!!

Just make sure to totally deconstruct your box to find the "hidden coupons." Those are great, high-value coupons which should come in handy with a drug store sale or even another K Mart Double Coupon sale.

*Vocalpoint is a site that sends you great coupons and FREE products with the hope that you will share the products with others.

Auto Zone...A Good Place for Frugalites!

I just found out some of the great stuff that AutoZone offers that can save us money:
- For a small returnable deposit, you can borrow tools from them.
- They will do free diagnostic tests on your vehicle.
- They offer a Rewards program which pays you $20.00 if you spend $100.00 within 6 months.
- Battery and alternator tests are free too!
Thanks, Living as Mom!

*I'm so excited to tell my husband about the "Free Tool Rental" deal!

Buy One, Get One Free Coupon - Einstein Bagels

These look so yummy...go here to get a coupon for Buy One, Get One Free Stuffed Saladwich at Einstein Bagels.

New Target Printable Coupons!

Go here for these great new coupons from Target:

- $ .75/2 Act II Popcorn, 3 ct.

- $1.00/2 Chex Mix Snacks, 7 oz.
- $1.00/2 Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies, 12.5 oz.
- $1.00 Fuze Beverage, 6 pk.
- $1/2 Halloween Oreo Cookies, 18 oz.

- $ .50 Quaker Snacks Bars or Bites
- $1.00 Jimmy Dean Frozen Breakfast Product
- $ .50 Tropicana Orange Juice, 64 oz.
- $1.00 Skippy Peanut Butter, 15 oz.
- $1.00/2 General Mills Cereals, 10 oz.
- $1.00 Archer Farms Simply Balanced Bread, 24 oz.
- $1.00 Archer Farms Crackers, 4 oz.

*These coupons expire 11/7/09.

*Don't can combine one Target coupon with one Manufacturers coupon!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Week at Walgreens

Here are some of the deals at Walgreens for this week:

Huggies Diapers or Training Pants (Jumbo)
- $4.00 (Register Rewards, when you buy 2)
- $2.00 (Printable Coupon Here (Internet Explorer) or Here (Firefox)) - use two!
= $5.00 each after coupons and Register Rewards!

Campbell’s Soup
$1.59/2 (With In-Ad Coupon)
- $1.00/2 (Printable Coupon Here)
= $ .30 each after coupons!

Crest Toothpaste with Scope Outlast
- $1.00 (9/27 Proctor & Gamble Coupon Insert) - use two!
- $4.00 (Register Rewards)
= $ .50 each after coupons and Register Rewards!

Gillette Fusion MVP Razor
- $4.00 (9/27 Proctor & Gamble Coupon Insert)
- $6.00 (Register Rewards)
= FREE after coupon and Register Rewards!

Aussie Hair Care
- $1.00 (10/11 Proctor & Gamble)
= $1.99 after coupon!

Colgate Total Toothpaste
- $1.00 (10/11 SmartSource Coupon Insert) - use two!
- $1.00 (Register Reward)
= $1.00 each after coupons and Register Rewards!

Mars Candy Bars
$ .98/2
- $1.00/2 (9/13 Red Plum Coupon Insert)
= FREE after coupon!

Quaker Instant Oatmeal
- $1.25/2 (8/30 Red Plum Coupon Insert) - use two!
- $5.00 (Register Rewards)
= $ .63 each after coupon and Register Rewards!

Scope Outlast Mouth Rinse
- $1.00 (10/11 Proctor & Gamble Coupon Insert) - use two!
- $4.00 (Register Rewards)
= $ .50 each after coupons and Register Rewards!

And, of course, don't forget these great Register Rewards deals that you can get all month long...
Chapstick Fresh Effects
- $2.99 (Register Rewards)
= FREE after Register Rewards!

Emergen-C Booster
- $3.49 (Register Rewards)
= FREE after Register Rewards!

Halls Refresh Sugar Free Cough Drops, 20 ct.
- $ .35 (9/27 Smart Source Coupon Insert)
- $1.00 (Register Rewards)
= FREE + "you earn" $ .35 after coupon and Register Rewards!

Robitussin DM To Go, 2 pack
- $2.49 (Register Rewards)
= FREE after Register Rewards!

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion
- $6.99 (Register Rewards)
= FREE after Register Rewards!

Chapstick Fresh Effects
- $2.99 (Register Rewards)
= FREE after Register Rewards!

Check out Moms By Heart's post here for a complete list of coupon match-ups and deals!

Check out Common Sense With Money's post
here on a money making idea on Triaminic.

CVS Clearance on Diapers!

If you have a CVS near you, you might want to swing by there to see if your location has a clearance section of diapers! Many bloggers have reported finding diapers such as Huggies and Pampers marked anywhere from 50-90% off! Stack these clearance prices with coupons to get some great deals!

Thanks, Couponers United!

Children's Place Rewards Program

The Children's Place has a great Rewards Program now. It is called Place Perks, and with it you receive 1 point for every dollar you spend there. When you earn 75 points, you will get a $10.00 rewards coupon in the mail!

Plus, when you sign up here you will get 20 FREE points!
Thanks, NWA Deals!

*If you are on their mailing list, you may just have to sign-in to get your points started.

Photo Gift Deals

Here are two great photo gift deals to get you started on Christmas gifts:

Use code SHIPGIFTFREE to get FREE shipping on photo gifts with any $10.00 purchase!
Thanks, Moms By Heart!

Get three 8x10 canvas prints shipped for $8.99! Use coupon code 8x10CP899 (it will take around $86.00 off your order!). (Expires 10/22)
Thanks, Katherine!