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Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Walmart "Updates" (Iron Mountain, MI)

Wow! Walmart is really making an effort to be more "coupon/deal friendly." At least our Iron Mountain, MI Walmart is...

I have told you before about how they have been price-matching competitor coupons (not just those within a 50 mile radius either), plus letting me use a manufacturers coupon with that.

Well, have you heard about the "top five deals for the week?" My friend, Diane, called me this morning to tell me about it, and of course I had to call Walmart right away to get the scoop.

When the person answered the phone, they said, "Thank you for calling Walmart, where we match all of our competitor store ads. How can I help you?!"

I asked her what these new "five deals" were that people had been telling me about, and she said that basically they pick the "top five" deals at competitor stores and automatically give you those deals without you having to bring in/tell them about a competitor ad. (Supposedly the cashier is supposed to ring these up without you telling them, but you probably want to keep a close eye on it in case they forget.) This explains why the milk has been cheaper at Walmart lately - have you noticed that?!

Here are the "top five" deals that Walmart (Iron Mountain, MI) is automatically offering this week:

- Gallon Milk - $2.50
- Dozen Large Eggs - $1.00
- Any Brand 2 Liter Soda - $ .88
- Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 12 pack double rolls - $4.99
- Folgers Coffee (Not Colombian) 35 oz. - $6.99
* Now don't forget, you can also use a manufacturers coupon on top of these deals...

I have also heard that you do not have to bring in the actual ad just have to tell them the price, and they will match it...This one seems kind of weird to me...I think I will still bring in the ad just to be safe!

Also, my friend Julie was in there on Wednesday night with a "FREE product coupon." The lady told her that they now have to give you the "maximum value" of your FREE product coupon even if the item that you are buying is under that amount! For example, if the FREE product coupon says that the maximum value of your FREE item is $5.00 and the item you are getting is only $4.00, they will still take $5.00 off of your bill! I haven't tried this one yet, but you can be sure I will!

Come back here and let me know what you think about these new changes...


Debbie Griffin said...

I was in our Walmart on Friday and the greeter was handing out a piece of paper that had the 5 deals on it. Makes sense, doesn't it. I'd be much more prone to buy the deals if I new about them.

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