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Monday, April 11, 2011

K Mart: 50% Off Clearance Toys Going on Right Now!

It's baaaacckk!!! My favorite sale of the year...K Mart has all of their Clearance Toys on sale for an extra 50% off of the clearance prices!

They seem to do this several times a year, and this is when I stock up on birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, baby shower gifts, etc. It is so much better for me to buy nice birthday party gifts now for $4.00 each, rather then running out when we get a party invitation and spending $10.00 on a "okay" gift.

I got a total of 16 toys for $75.00! Included in these toys were Trio Building sets, Lego Toy Story sets and Barbie furniture! My best deal is with the Iron Man 2 toys and the coupons that were in the paper this weekend:

Iron Man 2 Toys
- $3.00 (4/10 Coupon Insert)
= $2.00 each after coupon and 50% off sale!

* Our Iron Mountain, MI Walmart had one long aisle of Clearance toys, but they also had some mixed throughout the other aisles...just look for the yellow price stickers!


marc said...

How much did you pay for the Buzz light year lego?

The Spend Freely Mama said...

I think that was the most expensive one that I bought. It was $11.00 after the discount.

marc said...

Interesting. The buzz light year lego
at my kmart I got it for $3.00

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