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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

$ .75 Off Lofthouse Cookies

Have you ever tried these cookies?! OMW, they are AWESOME!

I have never seen a coupon for these before, but right now on you can print one for $ .75 Off Any Lofthouse Cookies. You can find them in most grocery stores bakery sections.

* This coupon may not be available at all zip is available at 83709...just so you know, you are not looking for a package of cookies. It is the Lofthouse logo.
* A little birdie told me that if you send them an e-mail on their website, they will send you a coupon for a FREE package!


April D. said...

What zip code did you use b/c I looked for it and couldn't find it?

Bobby said...

I love these cookies so much. I just hate those ciricle sprinkles they put on them. They put way to much.

Unknown said...

AI and how Chek.

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