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Friday, February 27, 2009

Free, Free, Free!!

These are some of the freebies that I have gotten in my mailbox in the past few days. This is usual for is so much fun!! I have always loved getting mail, but to receive so many free things that I will actually use, plus money-saving coupons to go along with them - now that is awesome!!! For more on where I find all my coupons, as well as some other coupon knowledge, read my Coupons 101 post.
Here's what I got the past few days:
American Baby Magazine (Sign up here)
Parents Magazine (Sign up here)
Motortrend Magazine (No longer available - I earned some major "brownie points" from my husband for these!)
Automobile Magazine (No longer available)
2 - Free 2 liters of Diet Dr. Pepper coupons (No longer available)
2 - Quaker True Delights Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond Granola Bars (Get it here; Plus 2 - $1.00 coupons!)
A Thank You Note - I included this because it meant so much to me...a friend that checks my blog wrote me a thank you note for this blog...that makes it all worthwhile (sorry for the cheesy comments!).
*That reminds me: if you do check this blog, leave a comment every once in awhile so I know you're out there! Also, if you find any other deals that you can pass on to the rest of us, leave a comment about that as well!!
Current Walmart Freebies (click here for all of these):
Crest Advanced Seal Whitestrips (Comes with a $10.00 off coupon)
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation
Benefiber Fiber Drink Mix
Kotex (I love these for free packages of Kotex...Walmart has several packages for $ .97-$1.00!)
Always Infinity


Nick & Irina Thornton said...

You are the best... 4 Kids and time for this you are super mom... hey you probably know this one but if you dont... Go to Doly parton imagination you can sign up your kids and they will get a free book every month until they turn 5.. WOW!!!yes FREE.. and the books are nice. go check it out..
love you girl. thanks for including me in the loop.

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