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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trying Out Our New Walmart Policy (Iron Mountain, MI Walmart)

Today I decided to try out our new "Walmart coupon policy" that all of the cashiers keep telling me about. I say "our...Walmart coupon policy" because this is not in the official Walmart coupon policy (posted here), and I know of other Walmart stores who do not do this...

Basically, you can now take them any competitor coupon (doesn't have to be within a 50 mile range - I used Target and Walgreens coupons today), and they will "price-match" that item down to that price. Then, you can also use a manufacturers coupon for the same item.

The "official Walmart coupon policy" states that they only accept competitor coupons that state a specific item for a specific price, but our Walmart is taking them that are for $-off amounts.

For example, today I purchased an eight-roll pack of Bounty paper towels. The Walmart price was $7.37. I handed him a Target coupon for "$2.00 Off Bounty Towels," and he handed me the coupon back and said, "Okay, they were $7.37, they are now $5.37." Then, he scanned my manufacturers coupon to take an additional $1.00 off - making them $4.37!

I did the same thing today with Cover Girl make-up (used a $1.00 Target coupon and a $1.00 manufacturers coupon), and with Infants Advil (used a $2.00 Walgreens coupon and a $2.00 manufacturers coupon).

You never know when these "coupon policies" will change, but this adds a whole new dimension to our Iron Mountain, MI shopping! It will take a little more work, but this could be a lot of fun finding these "double deals" at Walmart. Make sure to let us know when you find one, and I will post about it.


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