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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ever Have Trouble Printing Coupons?

If you have ever tried to print a "Bricks" coupon, gotten an error message such as "Page Loading..." or "Please Wait," and your coupon doesn't print, it might be due to the browser that that coupon link was made for. The problem occurs with the "coding" of the coupon link. If the person who posted the coupon link was posting it from Internet Explorer, and you are trying to print it in Firefox, you will get the error message.

You can handle this in two ways. The easiest would be to try to print the coupon in a different browser. For example, if you are getting error messages in Internet Explorer, try Firefox.

The other way to handle it is to change the "coding" in the link in your browser. Let's say that your link looks like this:

Do you see the two letters that I highlighted in blue in the link? Those two letters will tell you what browser your coupon link was coded for. If you see a "wg," your link was coded for Firefox. If you see the letters "vi" or "wi" there, your link was coded for Internet Explorer. If you see the letters "xs" that link was coded for Safari. Simply change those two letters to the letters of the browser that you are using to make the link work in your particular browser.

Of course, the second choice would probably be the "more difficult" choice, but if you only have one Internet browser loaded on your computer, then that is probably your only choice!
I hope this helps some of you! Let me know if you ever have any other questions!


carissa said...

wow! I am impressed. I have had a lot of trouble with brick coupons. Thanks :)

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