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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Coupons Resetting Tonight!

Tonight should be the night when Old Navy Weekly updates their "coupon hunt." Apparently, there will not be any $75.00 off of $100 coupons, but there will be $65.00 off of $100 coupons. They will update at any time tonight, so keep watching.

If you are not familiar with Old Navy Weekly, it is a site that Old Navy updates weekly with amazing coupons - the only trick is that you have to "find" them. You have to move your mouse around the site, and move stuff or click on stuff to retrieve the's kind of fun and addicting! For example, this past week if you clicked on the blinking taillight of the mini van, you got a coupon for $75.00 off of $100. If you took the white heart off of one of the manequins shirts and put it on another shirt, you got a 10% off coupon...

Have fun and happy hunting!


Anonymous said...

Its been forever since I have looked for coupons. Have they switched it back to hiding coupons once a week? Or through out the week?

The Spend Freely Mama said...

It seems now they have been consistently re-hiding coupons every Thursday. If I hear differently, I'll try to let you know.

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