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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fashion Playtes: The Cutest Idea for Little Girls!

I just found out about this amazing site called Fashion Playtes from my friends at the One2One Network!

It is a site where girls can log-on and design their own clothes using some set-patterns by changing colors, embellishments, etc., and then they can see them on their own "runway." But, it gets even better...they can also order the clothes they "design (complete with a personal label)!"

To top it off, One2One Network is offering my readers a special deal: You can get $20.00 off your purchase by entering ONE20 at checkout. You can even use this code to buy a gift certificate!

Check out the site for yourself. The shipping is a flat rate $10.00, but the prices on the actual clothing items aren't too bad...$12.00 for a shirt. If you buy a $25.00 gift certificate, get the $20.00 off, you will end up paying just $5.00 for a shipped shirt personally designed by that special little girl in your life! The only thing I can't figure out yet is whether you have to pay shipping for the gift certificates - I wouldn't think you do, but when I just tried their site it was busy...if you find out let us know!

Also, you can enter to win a $100.00 gift certificate by tweeting the following on your Twitter account by November 30 and then go here to report it:
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Cool gift idea 4 tween girl-Create & wear own designs-Use code ONE20 for $20 Off #fashionplaytes Pls RT


Jenny said...

Thanks! This is going to be a great gift idea for a special girl...and I was able to read in the fine print that the gift certificates are good for shipping, too. YAY!

carissa said...

wowee, Thanks Jenny!

The Spend Freely Mama said...

Yay! That's right...I was actually wondering more if they would charge "shipping" for sending the gift certificate to you...or if they just e-mail them to you. Have you ordered one yet?

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like they e-mail it to you and you print it out. I doubt they would charge shipping if that was the case.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just ordered a $25 gift certificate and I was only charged $ they did not charge for shipping.

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