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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Walmart's Coupon Policy (Right Now...Subject to Change With No Warning!!)

With all of the talk lately about "Walmart's New Coupon Policy," I was interested to go tonight and see how/if our Iron Mountain, MI Walmart was applying these "new policies."

1) The new policy states that they will not take "printable coupons for free products." Our Walmart took several of mine tonight...that makes me very happy!
2) The new policy states that they will only accept competitor's coupons if they have a "specific price listed." Our Walmart told me again tonight that if you hand them a competitor coupon (i.e. a Super One coupon), they will simply adjust the price of that item down (in fact, he handed the coupon back to me - saying I could use the coupon again!). That means you should be able to then use a manufacturers coupon for the same item.
3) The new policy states that you can use "Catalina coupons clearly labeled as 'manufacturer coupon.'" Our Walmart told me tonight that you can not use Register Rewards. (I was able to use them at the Mason St., Green Bay Walmart.)

Anyways...hope that helps you out. I guess every Walmart will be handling these new coupon policies their own far, I am happy with the way that our Walmart is interpreting the policies.


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