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Friday, April 30, 2010

Keep Your Receipts!

I have recently adopted two new rules for myself regarding receipts and rebates. (As many of you know, I have just started getting into all the "rebate deals" - I used to think they were a waste of time...I now know differently!)

Rule #1: Keep all receipts.
Rule #2: Print all rebate offers.

Since implementing these two new rules about a month ago, I have come across three different rebate offers that I realized I qualified for...

By keeping all of my receipts, I can go through them as rebates are offered and see if I have qualifying items. Recently, P&G offered an deal for those who purchased $50 in their products. At first I thought there was no way that I had spent that much on P&G items, but by going back through all of my receipts, I was able to find enough products to send in for this offer. (The great thing about that particular deal was that most of the P&G items that allowed me to qualify for this were FREE or almost free through either KMart double coupons or deals at Walgreens!)

I used to see a rebate offer for either an amount that I thought I could never reach (Spend $50 in P&G products...) or for products that I thought I would never buy, and would not print it. Inevitably, I would realize a few weeks later that I could qualify for that particular rebate, only to find the rebate form not available any more. You see, companies will offer a rebate form for awhile, but will often remove it before the rebate offer is expired - most likely to keep the rebates to a minimum. By printing off all of the rebate forms as I come across them, I can always have access to them in my notebook if I need them later on.

As I type this, I have a rebate check for $7.99 on the counter next to me that I just received in the mail today - ready to be cashed! I also have two envelopes on the counter stamped and ready to be mailed...which means more money is coming. I'm telling you...this rebate stuff is FUN!!


Tiff said...

I just got into the whole rebate thing myself and I love getting a check in the mail!!!!!=) I was surprised how quickly I spent $50 in P&G products and I actually didn't spend much out of pocket for it!=)
I keep all my receipts in a folder and the rebate forms in another.

carissa said...

thanks for posting about this. It is encouraging to hear! I also just got a 7.99 rebate in the mail as well as the $15 one from Olay that I resent from your post. Thanks Trisha!!

Tessa Nelson said...

I find that you have to really keep on top of the rebates you send in and when you are suppose to get them. They don't all come sometimes I find...

Sample said...

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