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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More FREE Floss + 19 Things to Do With It!!

There is another coupon available on that will give you FREE floss at most stores. Go here to print a coupon for $1.00 Off Any Reach Floss.

* Walmart, Target and more have the basic Reach floss priced around $ .97.

And, since we do seem to get so much FREE dental floss...I came across this great list of things to do with your dental floss (since most of us don't floss near as much as we should!):

1.String popcorn for your Christmas tree or holiday d├ęcor.

2.Make a one-of a-kind bow for presents.
3.Create homemade jewelry (string beads and other trinkets for necklaces and bracelets).
4.If you don’t have a rubber band, use it to tie up your hair.
5.Mend clothes on the spot (great for sewing on buttons).
6.Makeshift shoelaces.
7.Hang holiday ornaments on your tree and around your house.
8.To seal a bag of chips in place of a chip clip.
9.To hold up your pants in lieu of a belt.
10.Croakies for your sunglasses.
11.Improvised ruler.
12.Fix a broken umbrella spoke.
13.Makeshift clothesline when you’re traveling.
14.Hang pictures.
15.Save your cookies. (Okay, this one may require a little explanation: When your freshly-baked cookies are stuck to the baking sheet, slide a piece of floss underneath to cut them loose.)
16.Fishing line (dental floss is surprisingly durable)
17.Silence a leaky faucet. Tie a piece of floss around the opening and let it hang down the drain. The water will naturally slide down the floss, stopping that annoying “drip” sound.
18.Support climbing plants. Use floss to tie plants like ivy to a trellis and keep them on track.
19.Cheese or cake cutter. (Note: Be sure to use the flavorless floss.)


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