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Monday, March 23, 2009

Build-A-Bear Coupon

*Update: I was not aware that this coupon is only meant to be used by a single user. It is not valid for multiple users. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

Build-A-Bear is offering a great coupon right now: $5.00 off Any Animal Purchase of $10.00 or more (some animals start from $10-$12). Expires 4/19/09. To find locations, click here.


AF said...

Had a bit of an embarrassing situation today when trying to use this coupon. Apparently, it was bar-coded and meant to be used only once. The lady told me it had already been used. I told the lady I got the coupon from a friend, and she concluded that "my friend" must've already used it before she sent it to me. One of the other workers said, "We send these things to people, and then they put them up on the internet," (shaking her head). Another customer in line said, "They ruin it for everyone!"

Just wanted to let you know. Perhaps you could try to discern between one-time-use coupons and those that are meant to be dispersed freely. Don't want to hinder our testimony, ya know? Along those lines....I'd like to use a red box code, but are they really meant to be dispersed on the internet? If it's ok, I'll go for it, but I don't want to be pirating. It's just not worth it....

AF said...

Felt the need to come back and say....

I think you're amazing, and I do love this site. I just want to be careful that all my deal-getting is fair, ethical, unselfish, and doesn't take advantage of people or businesses. Whether therefore we eat, or drink, or bargain shop.... :)

The Spend Freely Mama said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond to this...I've been out of town, and am just now getting caught up on all of my blogging!
I am so sorry that this happenned to you! I do not get a chance to try out all of my coupons before I post them! I try to make sure that they are legit...this one actually had people commenting (on other blogs) on how they used the coupon and were so happy with it!
If I had known that this was an "e-mail coupon" I would not have posted it. I totally agree with you...that would not be ethical.
Please let me know if you come across anything else that is not "legit"...I do not want to post anything like that!

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