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Monday, March 28, 2011

Walmart's Pricematching: YMMV!!

YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). This is an abbreviation that you see a lot in the couponing world. That is because so many different stores handle things in different ways...even in different ways from their store's official coupon policy!

I have recently been sharing the deals that I have gotten at our Iron Mountain, MI Walmart. I had several cashiers tell me that they would "price-match" a competitor coupon, and then you could use a manufacturers coupon on the same item. I have done this several times now, and have had no problems.

Here is where the "YMMV" comes in. I have a friend who went to the same Walmart on Sunday, and had a Walmart employee tell her that they only price-match competitor coupons that have an exact price on them (i.e. a Walgreens coupon for such-and-such candy bar for $ .89).

Now, mind you, that IS what the "official Walmart coupon policy" states, so I am not surprised. However, I have had two cashiers go out of their way to share with me that they price-match ANY competitor coupons.

Well, proceed with caution...I will be trying again! I will let you know what happens...


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